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Abstracting/Indexing/Cataloging Information


As part of our code of conduct, we hereby provide honest, true, and verifiable information about the indexing services that cover the International Journal of Language Studies. This journal is covered by the following 'trusted' indexing and abstracting (A&I) services:


The journal is also covered by the following I&A services, but it is NOT in our purview to verify and/or confirm their scholarly and academic quality. What we do not understand is why the following A&I services also cover vanity/predatory journals and vanity/predatory publishers.

Non-Indexing Coverage

The following also cover/abstract the International Journal of Language Studies, but you should notice and remember that the follwoing are NOT indexing/abstracting services. They are just databases, content providers, web directories, search tools, and library holdings.

Databases, Content Providers, Web Directories, Search Tools, and Library Holdings