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Professor James Dean Brown

Education: PhD in Applied Linguistics

Affiliation: University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA


Department of Second Language Studies

University of Hawaii at Manoa

1890 East-West Road


HI 96822, USA

Phone: +1-808-956-2783






James Dean ("JD") Brown is Professor of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. He has spoken and taught in places as divers as Brazil, China, Cuba, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela, and the former Yugoslavia. He has published numerous articles on language testing, curriculum design, and research methods, and books on: reading statistical language studies (Cambridge U. Press), language curriculum (Heinle & Heinle), language testing (2nd ed. with McGraw-Hill), language testing in Japan (edited with Yamashita for JALT), testing pragmatics (two books with Hudson and Detmer, UH Press), performance testing (two books with Norris & Hudson, UH Press), criterion-referenced language testing (with Hudson, Cambridge U. Press), using surveys in language programs (Cambridge U. Press), doing applied linguistics research (with Rodgers, Oxford U. Press), language test development (edited with Hudson, UH Press), as well as edited collections of modules for classroom assessment (TESOL), of articles on teaching connected speech to L2 speakers (with Kondo-Brown, UH Press), and of studies on teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean heritage students (with Kondo-Brown, LEA).

Selected Publications