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Dr Andreea S. Calude

Education: PhD in Linguistics

Affiliation: University of Waikato, New Zealand


Department of General and Applied Linguistics

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

University of Waikato

Private Bag 3105

Hamilton 3240

New Zealand

Phone: +64-7-838-9339

Fax: +64-7-838-4636





I am a Romanian born New Zealander, working as a senior lecturer in linguistics, at the University of Waikato. I obtained my PhD in 2008 from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, under the guidance of Professor Jim Miller and Associate Professor Frank Lictenberk. My thesis investigated aspects of subordination in spoken (New Zealand) English grammar.

Since then, I have published on various topics and areas in linguistics, including cognitive linguistics and cognitive grammar, machine translation, pragmatics, language evolution, historical linguistics and historical morphology.

Currently, I work on projects relating to frequency use in language and on language evolution from a diachronic perspective (seeking to understand how languages change through time on a large-scale), but also from a synchronic perspective (looking to understand how specific language levels, in particular, grammar and lexis, change within a single language and adapt to meet the needs of the speakers of that language).

Selected Publications

Calude, A. S., & Pagel, M. (2014). Frequency of use and basic vocabulary. In L. Filipovic, & M. Pütz (Eds.), Multilingual Cognition and Language Use: Processing and typological perspectives, (pp. 45-72). John Benjamins Publishing Company.