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Dr Meredith Marra

Education: PhD in Linguistics

Affiliation: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Room 211, Von Zedlitz Bldg Kelburn Pde

School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


New Zealand

Phone: +64-4-463-5600






Meredith Marra is Head of the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington where she teaches sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis from first year to PhD level. Meredith has been a core member of the Wellington Language in the Workplace (LWP) team since the late 1990s and has held the position of Project Director since July 2015.

During the 20 years in which she has been part of the Language in the Workplace team, she has researched a number of aspects of workplace discourse analysis. Her primary research interest is the language of business meetings. This was the focus of her doctoral research (completed in 2003) in which she investigated the language of decision making through the lens of Critical Discourse Analysis. A continuing interest in meeting talk has resulted in analysis of the structure of meetings and a cross-national comparison with research collaborator Jo Angouri (University of Warwick). While the meeting context is her primary research interest, she has also published in the areas of power, (im)politeness, humour and aspects of identity (especially gender and ethnic identity) in the Journal of Pragmatics, Language in Society and Text & Talk. Meredith’s most recent work embraces a social realist lens in which the constraints of multiple layers of context are recognised as impacting upon identity construction.

Meredith is co-author of Leadership, Discourse, and Ethnicity (OUP, 2011) with the Language in the Workplace team, and co-editor of Constructing Identities at Work (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), Negotiating Boundaries at Work (EUP, 2017), and Linguist at Work: Festschrift for Janet Holmes (Victoria University Press, 2017).

Selected Publications

Holmes, J., Marra, M., & Vine, B. (2011). Leadership, discourse, and ethnicity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Angouri, J., & Marra, M. (eds.). (2011). Constructing identities at work. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
Holmes, J., & Marra, J. (eds.). (2010). Femininity, feminism and gendered discourse. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.