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Professor John W. Oller, Jr.

Hawthorne/LEQSF Endowed Professor III

Education: PhD in Applied Linguistics

Affiliation: University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA


Department of Communicative Disorders

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

P.O. Box 43170

Lafayette, LA 70504-3170


Phone: +1-337-962-4649




Web: and


John W. Oller, Jr., Ph.D. founded the Department of Linguistics at the University of New Mexico in 1972 and the Applied Language and Speech Sciences Ph.D. Program at UL Lafayette in 2001. Oller’s research has concentrated on the theory and experimental measurement of linguistic processes in education, high stakes testing, the diagnosis of disorders, the success of social interactions, and more recently on genetic systems, biochemistry, repair and disease defenses, etc. Winner of the Mildenberger Prize offered by the Modern Language Association, Oller is the author of over 200 peer-reviewed papers and monographs along with 16 books largely in experimental measurement and research on theories of linguistics and sign systems in general. His 2010 works include a book on the causes of autism, an encyclopedic reclassification of communication disorders and related disease conditions, and a monograph-sized contribution to the peer-reviewed multidisciplinary open source journal Entropy. The latter deals with the process of pragmatic mapping (as in referring to an object, person, event, relation, or sequence of them) and as found in genetics, the dynamics of immune systems, and the distinct neuroarchitecture of the human brain.

Selected Publications