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Dr Arianna Berardi-Wiltshire

Education: PhD in PhD Linguistics and SLT

Affiliation: Massey University, New Zealand


School of Humanities

Massey University

PO Box 11222

Palmerston North 4442

New Zealand

Phone: +64 (06) 356 9099 ext. 83558






Dr Arianna Berardi-Wiltshire is a lecturer in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Her primary area of research is heritage and minority language education and revitalization, with her most recent study exploring the language maintenance efforts of NZ migrant families with young children from a Family Language Policy perspective. Outside the NZ context, Dr Berardi-Wiltshire is currently involved in a Brazil-based collaborative project aimed at the establishment of an indigenous language preschool center for the Kaingang community in southern Brazil.

Selected Publications

Berardi-Wiltshire, A., & Petrucci, P. (2015). Bringing linguistics to life: An anchored approach to teaching Linguistics to non-linguists. TE REO Journal of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand, 58.
Berardi-Wiltshire, A. (2013). Motivational Implications of Heritage Language Identity for Heritage Language Learning. Beyond Words, 1(1), 68-87
Berardi-Wiltshire, A. (2013). Reframing the foreign language classroom to accommodate the heritage language learner: A study of heritage identity and language learning motivation. New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics, 18(2), 21-34